Organising Working Group meetings

Working Group meetings is a core activity in the network which are key to achieving ERRIN's mission of making connections and facilitating EU engagement and increasing project opportunities for members. It is also through the activities in the Working Groups that we strengthen EU policy development via the promotion of a regional innovation ecosystems approach and S3, as well as position regional and local interests in the research and innovation landscape. 

For practical and communications purposes, please use the guide and templates below. 

people sitting in a meeting room

Working Group leaders' guide

This guide outlines the role and responsibilities of a Working Group leader as well as practical guidance on the organisation of meetings, the development of policy positions, and communication with the wider membership.

Agenda template - Working Group meeting

To be used for agendas when organising a Working Group meeting.

Welcome PowerPoint slide template - working group meeting

To be displayed during the registration and welcome to the WG meeting. There is also a slide prepared for the agenda.

Welcome sign template - working group meeting

To be used at the entrance of the building where the meeting takes place and/or to guide people to the right meeting room.

Latest Updates

  • By Ewa Chomicz

ERRIN annual survey: Provide input on ERRIN’s 2022 priorities and share feedback on activities!

To start planning Working Group activities for 2022, the Working Group leaders will take part in the annual strategy workshops at the end of November. To inform these workshops, ERRIN members are invited to take part in an annual survey – an opportunity to provide input on the network’s future priorities and reflect on past activities.

  • By Anna Tranberg

Annual Strategy Workshops - co-designing priorities and activities for 2021

To start planning the activities in the WGs for 2021, the WG leaders will meet according to the clusters to discuss the policy context, project development, and possible topics for the year ahead. All members are warmly invited to provide input in advance.