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The Smart Specialization Strategy effectively targets funds (European, national, regional and private) towards activities that strengthen innovation capacity and towards the priority-marked areas of those specializations striving to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. In the Czech context, the output from fulfilling these preliminary conditions has been the Regional Innovation Strategies, the regional dimensions of which are provided in the 14 regional appendices, focused on the specifics of forming a regional innovation strategy for the regions in question. One aspect of these regional appendices is to detail with greater precision the national priorities in relation to science and research, and the innovation potential of that particular region. The Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region 2014–2020 (RIS SMR) is a fundamental strategic document of the South Moravian Region and the statutory city of Brno for implementing policy to support competitiveness, founded in particular on innovation and maximizing the economic benefits of public investment into research and education. The RIS SMR was established to create the conditions for competitive, knowledge-intensive business, in particular through investment in raising standards in education and research, improving the image of the SMR and through direct support of entrepreneurial activities.

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South Moravian Region

S3 Strategy

The South Moravian Region is situated in the southeast of the Czech Republic, bordering on Austria and Slovakia. Its area of 7,188 km2 covers approximately 9 % of the Czech Republic's territory. The region is further divided into seven districts (Blansko, Brno-City, Brno-Country, Břeclav, Hodonín, Vyškov and Znojmo). The region consists of 673 municipalities. Region has great economic potential. The number of businesses in computer technology, telecommunications, software development and other hi-tech fields has been increasing significantly, particularly in recent years. The South Moravian Region offers significant support to the development of technology and biotechnology incubators designed for new companies. It is a home to a number of research and innovation centres. The biggest ones are: CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology); CzechGlobe (Global Change Research Centre); FNUSA-ICRC (International Clinical Research Center); JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre).

Strategic R&I Projects


The aim of STARGATE (reSilienT fARminG Adaptive microclimaTe managEment) is to create and implement a framework that will improve the resilience of farming to variable climatic conditions and extreme weather events and it will also help policymakers in landscape planning and long-term adaptation to climate change.


The aim is to improve innovation policies for ameliorating the critical mass development of innovation ecosystems in the water technology sector that could create the conditions for raising competitiveness, growth and jobs in the regions.


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  • By Barbora Pařízková

The South Moravian region - looking for best practices or experiences within carsharing

The South Moravian region - looking for best practices or experiences within carsharing

  • By Vendula Novackova

South Moravian CEITEC Will Lead the New Alliance4Life_ Action Project

Alliance4Life’s new project A4L_ACTIONS, submitted under the Horizon 2020 programme, has been selected for funding. Alliance4Life’s next three years will thus be co-financed with a grant of 2 mil. EUR, which will allow a number of already successfully piloted good practices to be put into action. The new project will further strengthen the international reputations of Alliance4Life and project leader CEITEC Masaryk University, in terms of improving the culture and governance of health research-performing institutions, and in serving as an inspiration for research policy reforms in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • By Intern SMR

We are looking for EWRC partners

The South Moravian Region and Wielkopolska Region are looking for potential partners to organise an event during this year's edition of European Week of Regions and Cities.

  • By Barbora Pařízková

Water retention in landscape - The South Moravian Region (CZE)

The South Moravian Region is looking for a project opportunity in the domain of water retention in the landscape.

  • By Hilary Webb

Come and work at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

Outstanding scientists from all research fields are invited to apply for a prestigious individual grant MUNI Award in Science and Humanities.

  • By Anna Tranberg

Call for partners - EWRC workshop on communicating science

The South Moravian Region is looking for potential partners to organise a workshop on communicating science during EWRC.