19/02/2019 - 16:00

Smart Tourism in Smart Cities

  • 19/02/2019 - 16:00
An intelligent tourist destination is the result of several factors, including information and communication technologies that promote an innovative territory, cooperation and co-creation, mainly by the tourist. Understanding this aspect, accessibility is one of the categories present in an intelligent tourist destination, both physically and virtual. The smarts destinations increases the quality of the experience at the destination. Subsequently, “smart cities” are seen as an urban space that takes advantage of information and communication technologies and data science to answer the challenges of today. Through it, they become more efficient in services and infrastructures management and deliver increased quality of life to people who live, work or visit the city, not forgetting the support to a more sustainable future. In this new paradigm, whoever has responsibilities to ensure the provision of services to the citizen and ensure the management of the cities infrastructures has a deep knowledge of the phenomena associated with the presence of tourists (how many are, who they are, where they walk, what and when they do, what they consume, etc.). How urban intelligence and its building blocks, that result from the city digital transformation process, where cities become platforms and urban planning and management is supported by urban analytics and real time data. At the same time, we create the perfect environment for entrepreneurs and start-ups to create Smart Destinations apps that are capable of delivering who visit our cities and towns a unique experience, rich in information and empowering the activity of companies of local products and services, creating jobs and wealth for all.   The agenda of the seminar is available here.