08/05/2019 - 12:00

The Smart City Guidance Package: the way forward

On the 8th May a launch event of the Smart City Guidance Package (SCGP) will take place. During the event, the Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations Action Cluster of the EIP-SCC will present the results of its work in order to provide public authorities of cities and communities, as well as non-governmental actors, with the necessary support for planning and managing smart city projects. Cities and communities that want to implement smart city strategies will benefit by learning through good practices. The experiences will be shared by project leaders, consortium members and city representatives that have already implemented energy efficiency strategies, smart city strategies or emissions reduction approaches. The SCGP wants to systematize this knowledge base, draw general conclusions on dos and don’ts, determines relevance for other actors, and makes the findings accessible. It is aimed at the urban stakeholders who have the ambition to start developing and implementing their own smart city projects in the nearby future and want to prepare for it beforehand. In the initiative “From Planning to Implementation and Upscaling of Smart City Projects” cities, industry, NGO’s and knowledge partners collaborate on the exchange of experiences in the integrated planning and implementation of smart city projects. The Smart City Guidance Package (SCGP) wants to support this exchange so other urban stakeholders can benefit from what has already been done by others. It offers inspiration and guides urban stakeholders by bundling experiences and best practices of cities working on ambitious smart city strategies and projects. For more information please refer to the website and attached agenda. Registration to the event is available here.