12/02/2019 - 09:00

Baltic and North Sea Support and Coordination Action (BANOS CSA) lunch event

  • 12/02/2019 - 09:00

Welcome to the Baltic and North Sea Support and Coordination Action (BANOS CSA) lunch event which will take place on 12 February in Brussels. BANOS CSA, supported by EU Horizon 2020, is preparing a framework for the future Baltic and North Sea research and innovation programme envisaged to follow up in spring 2021 when the BANOS CSA ends. The consortium representing the leading research and innovation funders from 12 Baltic and North Sea countries (BE, DK, EE, FR, DE, LV, LT, NL, NO, PL, SE, UK) will advance the start of the future programme designed to underpin and develop EU policies and strategies. While maintaining particular focus on supporting sustainable blue growth strategy in the Baltic and North Seas, the future programme will stay well-connected with the programmes addressing other European regional seas. The future programme, which will be built on the legacy of the BONUS Art 185, looks forward to achieving high level of scientific, administrative and financial integration, and generating strong EU added value and impact. As a key stakeholder with a potentially great vested interest and added value to be gained through involvement with this future European regional seas’ programme as well as the wider European regional seas’ agenda, we look forward to welcoming you to Hotel NH Brussels EU Berlaymont near Schuman Brussels on 12 February. The buffet lunch will be served 12:45-13:30 and the programme informing about BANOS CSA will run from 13:30 till 14:30. Register to the event at www.banoscsa.org/12Feb2019