I have created an account, but I haven’t received a confirmation email, what do I do?

  • Check your SPAM filters and add ERRIN to your “safe-senders” list. For instructions of how to do this, please click here.
  • It may take up to 24 hours before your account gets approved
  • If you are still having problems with your account, please send an email to members@errin.eu​ with info@errin.eu in cc.

Having an account on the ERRIN website is one of the benefits of joining our network. To find out how you can join, please see our “Become a member” page.


I would like to get in touch with one of your members, how can I contact them?

  • Due to the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), we are not allowed to give out contact details. However, if you agree, we can send your request to the person you need to write to, and it will then be up to her/him to decide whether to get in touch or not.

Please note that this is subject to the content and type of request. Please specify whom you want to contact and why when sending us an email.


I have uploaded a news item / event / partner search, but I cannot see it online. 

All content needs to be reviewed by the ERRIN Secretariat before being visible on the website. It may take up to 24 hours before your content gets approved.


I have edited a news item / event / partner search, but I cannot see the changes.

Each change you make to the content you have published needs to be approved by the ERRIN Secretariat. It may take up to 24 hours before the changes you made get approved.


I have attached a document to the news item / event that I have uploaded but I cannot see it.

Make sure you clicked on upload after selecting the document.


I am not a member; can I still upload content to your website?

Non-members cannot have an account on the ERRIN website. However, should the content you are willing to upload be linked to the topics of our Working Groups, do not hesitate to share it with us.



What type of event can be published on the ERRIN calendar?

All events that fall into the interest of and / or are organised by our members and that are linked to the topics of our Working Groups.

However, there are some guidelines:

  • Events must be free of charge
  • Events must take place in Brussels, unless they are:
    • Events organised by the Presidency of the Council of the EU
    • Events organised as part of an EU project that ERRIN or a member is part of


Partner Search

What kind of partner searches are eligible for publication?

To be published, partner searches should be linked to the topics of our Working Groups and refer to calls for proposals in the framework of EU funding programmes.


I am not a member; can I upload a partner search?

Yes, the partner search tool is open to everyone. It allows members and others to create consortia all year long, even when brokerage and project development events are not organised.

All you have to do as a non-member to publish a partner search is to fill out this template and send it back to us with the relevant info – we will upload it to the website for you.


Website: https://errin.eu/

I have selected the daily updates option on my account, but I only receive those related to few working groups.

Choosing to receive the updates is not enough! Make sure you have added all working groups of interest in the working group field on your account.


I am not a member but I would like to receive updates from ERRIN.

You are welcome to sign up to receive our newsletter. Please find the form on ERRIN homepage. However, please note that certain content will be only visible to ERRIN members holding an account.


I cannot see any information related to the Policy Working group.

If you are an ERRIN member and you want to be part of the group, please get in touch with us. Please note that only people holding a fixed position at a member organisation can be part of the group and thus attend the meetings.


What are the benefits of being part of a Working Group?

The WG meetings are at the heart of ERRIN’s activities, as this is where our members meet regularly to exchange information, present regional good practices, build new partnerships, develop joint projects, network, and much more.


What Working Groups do ERRIN currently have?

Please check our Working Groups for an updated overview of all of our Working Groups, here you can also find the leaders of each group and a short summary of each Working Group’s priorities.


What is the role of a Working Group leader?

Working Group leaders have the following responsibilities:

  • Leading the preparation of the Working Group Work Programme and taking responsibility for its implementation;
  • Liaising with the Management Board on Working Groups outputs especially on involvement in projects, attending and setting up strategic meetings with EU institutions, and drafting policy statements to be approved by the Management Board;
  • Calling meetings of the Working Group and preparing agendas and minutes for meetings in cooperation with the ERRIN Secretariat (Brussels Office);
  • Monitoring the information on the web site;
  • Participating in Joint Management Board/Working Group Leaders meetings whenever they are held;
  • Networking with other relevant Working Groups and networks.


I am interested in joining the Policy Working Group, what do I do?

The Policy Working Group is reserved for Working Group Leaders and members who have an interest in and experience in formulating European policy. Participation in this group is only possible through a personal request to the ERRIN director.


I would like to become a member of ERRIN. How can I do that?

Great! For more information on how become part of our network please see our become a member page. You can also find more information as well as terms and conditions of membership here


My region is not in an EU member state, can I still join ERRIN?

Yes, granting that your region is in Europe you can join! Full membership is offered to those with a Brussels office, if you do not have a presence in Brussels you can become an associated member. For more information, please see our membership page.


How much is the fee to be a member?

To see this year’s fees please see our membership page. Members joining ERRIN during the financial year pay a pro-rata fee.


I would like to know more about the benefits of being an ERRIN member?

Check out our  become a member page and membership page. You can also contact our Member Relations Officer Anna Tranberg, anna.tranberg@errin.eu / +32 470 41 63 60, for more detailed information.


I see that ERRIN has a Management Board. What is its role?

The Management Board is the main decision-making body of ERRIN, they are responsible for drafting and implementing the ERRIN Annual Work Programme and budget. They also monitor and direct the activities of the Brussels Office and the Working Groups. For more information and to see who is on the board, please visit our Management Board page.