Brokerage event: Water Call in FP7 ENV

Lombardy Region Delegation Office - 2, Pl. du Champ Mars. 1050 Bruxelles

ERRIN and WssTP organised a successful brokerage event on 14th January 2013 in the Lombardy region office.

The following PowerPoint presentations from the event are available (see right side bar):

  • Richard Tuffs: "Presentation on ERRIN"
  • Durk Krol: "Presentation on WssTP"
  • Caroline Rodriguez: " Challenge 6.3. Improving Resource Efficiency - Water INNO&DEMO 2013"
  • Andreea Gulacsi : "Strengthening your bid – the role of standardization"
  • "NEED4B New Energy Efficient Demonstration for Buildings"
  • "Innovation procurement"
  • Durk Krol, WssTP: "A vision for coordinated, integrated and innovative Water European Research Area"
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ERRIN (European Regions Research & Innovation Network)