WHY “We Hear You” Project - FINAL 2 DAYS' EVENT - Brussels October 16, Ghent October 17

Celsius Summit: Thermal energy systems of the future - hot trends and cool solutions for cities

The 21st Century Demand for Creative Entrepreneurship and How to Take Advantage

Bioeconomy and Energy WG: Opportunities for waste from the agri-food sector

European Emerging Regions

Centres of Vocational Excellence: what, how and when?

Tourism WG in transition - planning meeting

Heritage for all: Scotland's historic environment in a changing world

Consumer Behaviour in Circular Economy - H2020 Project FORCE

Cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

Science Diplomacy: „Connecting Science and Policy“.

Science Café with Luděk Hynčík

Mobilizing the potential of European cross border cooperation within TEN-T

Innovation & Investment WG: Diving into the European Single Market – Tools for SMEs

Smart Cities WG Meeting: SET Plan

Energy & Climate Change WG Meeting: Hydrogen energy applications

Bioeconomy WG - Exploiting the potential of urban biowaste

Digital Innovation Hubs as service providers for digitising European industry

Design & Creativity WG: Study visit to Luca School of Arts in Genk - postponed

How to improve European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting: Reviewing the RIS3

Circular Innovations for household Waste: Stimulating the Circular Economy for Textiles and Organic waste

EWRC: Cohesion policy for a more social Europe: Regions and Cities inclusive for all

Health WG Meeting on Personalised Medicine

Green & Smart Mobility: New Solutions for the Mobility of the Future

EWRC: The integration of the new mobility services in public transport

Public Policy Design: from cities to Europe, and back!

Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector

Public sector workshop: which authoring tool to procure for more accessible digital services?

Cities in the Forefront of Digitalising Europe: Helsinki's Journey to Becoming the Most Functional City in the World

Blue Growth WG - Innovative solutions to prevent marine litter

Sustainable Business Models in Circular Bioeconomy

Innovation in healthcare design – what have we learned?

Design & Creativity WG - KIC for cultural and creative industries

Transforming education for a technology driven world: Project Development Workshop 2019

Upcoming H2020 transport calls and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)


Design&Creativity WG meeting: Exploring collaboration opportunities in the area of CCI

Time to move on? Advancing zero-emission transport solutions

Geothermal Partnership Launch Conference

Seminar: Tourism in Transition

ORANGE ECONOMY SHADES - Regional Ecosystems and Strategies for Innovation and Sustainability Models of CCIs in Europe

Meeting with DG GROW: The role of clusters in the Regional Innovation Ecosystem

EUSEW side event: E² Tech4Cities Brokerage event

Interregional exchange final conference of RaiSE Interreg Project

Presentation - Transfiere - European meeting on science, technology and innovation

Combating organised cross-border cargo theft, using „tarpaulin cutting“

Science Café with Daniel Nývlt


EU Sustainable Energy Week side event: Smart Regions - Smart Solutions

Towards interregional collaboration on hydrogen coaches

Webinar: Business challenges of platform service models in Agriculture.

EU Sustainable Energy Week: How does Flanders tackle the transition to sustainable energy?

Networking as a lever for cultural development for cities

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting: The Role of Universities and Cities in Smart Specialisation

Policy WG meeting - European Innovation Council

Green Week partner event: Policies, women and climate change

EIP on AHA new call for Reference Sites - online early intelligence information session

Flanders demonstrates: Cooperation between Industry & Healthcare through integrated business models

Meeting with JRC: Involving regional actors in the S3 strategic action

Green Week partner event: A joined-up approach to managing the water environment – a research perspective

Appropriate Care Pathway (APPCARE) - final conference

EU Green Week Partner event: Blue is the new green - Water management innovations from the City of Lahti, Finland

Innovative patient-centred strategies to improve dementia care and patient autonomy

ICT WG meeting: Digital and Gamified Learning

Green Week partner event: VAQUUMS - Expert workshop

Understanding the panorama of European Research Infrastructures for improved investments

Smart Cities WG Meeting: Latest developments on PEDs and the future of Smart Cities

Health WG Meeting: Uptake of Innovation in Hospitals through Skills Development

Green Week Partner Event: Towards a Greener Europe - preparation and implementation of effective sustainable mobility plans.

Expert Workshop: Resource Efficiency as a Topic of ERDF-Funding – Best Practices 2014-2020, Ideas for 2021-2027

Developing Demonstration Projects: Corrosion Prevention for Offshore Renewables

Green Week partner event: Workshop on good practices and lessons learnt on waste prevention

Green Week partner event: Flanders takes the initiative: towards a better environment

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting: Design and CCI support measures

Micro-aggressions, Philosophy and Academia Conference 2019 - Call for Papers

Zero is the new Hero: Big buyers joining forces to achieve zero emission construction sites

Green Week partner event: From policy to practice: knowledge-building for innovative and sustainable tourism in regions

ICT Working Group Meeting – in cooperation with I4MS

Dialogue meeting about IoT Week 2019

Biodolomer® – a new renewable, biodegradable and compostable alternative to plastics

ERRIN Spring Annual General Meeting 2019

Transport WG - New innovative services based on emerging technologies related to drones

Blue Growth WG - Blue Bioeconomy Forum

Blue Growth WG - LeaderSHIP strategy

2021 – 2027: What the future holds for Education and Research

Innovation & Investment Working Group: Lunch Briefing on Innovation Procurement

Policy WG meeting - European Innovation Ecosystems

Pioneering Actions Towards Circular Economy in the City of Lahti, Finland - Sustainable Urban Food Production in the Regional Circular Economy Roadmap

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting: New Initiative (Component 5)

Transport WG - Urban freight and logistics

Design & Creativity WG Meeting: The importance of creativity in business – how can universities help?

Workshop on European Start-up Activities - CERIecon goes Brussels!

ERRIN Project Strategy Meeting

The Economic Implications of Brexit on European Regions

What role for public utilities in the European Energy transition? Italy’s north-east – a case history

IGLO Open “Bioeconomy as the next wave of the European economy”

Adapting to Climate Change: are our solutions working

Rendez-Vous Eco d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes à Bruxelles

S3 Partnership on Safe & Sustainable Mobility - EU Industry Days

Tourism WG Meeting | Exploiting regional and local assets: cultural tourism and experience economy


HoNESt H2020 Project ‘Engagement with Nuclear Energy and Society: past, present and future'

Health WG Meeting: Work plan 2019

Screening “Newmuseum(s). Stories of company archives and museums”

Smart Cities WG meeting - information session

Energy and Climate Change WG meeting: Energy storage and Batteries

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting

Lunchtime conference LIFE-Drainuse

Reflecting on the True Value of Regional Collaboration and Partnership

St Andrew's Lecture - "What next for human rights in Scotland, and in Europe?"

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting

Water Test Network - Launch Event

Conference on Health Promotion and Prevention of Childhood Obesity in Schools and Local Communities

Breakfast discussion – WIRE 2019

Sustainable way of life: Cities and regions making the difference

Moonshots of the 2020s How to Make the Most of the Missions of Horizon Europe? Climate, food and natural resources

Increasing Healthy Life Years - How to make the most of the missions of Horizon Europe?

Cultural Heritage: project and cooperation opportunities

From the Paris Agreement, through COP24 to a Clean Air Strategy for European regions

Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy & Mobility Cluster

Europe on the move - Which route through innovation for industry and SMEs?

Collaborating for Impact - Launch event of Lärosäten Syd Brussels Office

Open Government Data For Research and Innovation policy

FET Innovation ecosystems: Regional support for a European Impact

Transport WG - Inland Waterways

Interregional Cooperation through Smart Specialisation: good practices and new proposals

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), digitising industry and catalysing innovation-led growth

Preventing flood risks by making resilient communities

Green Hydrogen: enabler for the low carbon economy

Scrubber Observatory Platform - Workshop on sustainable shipping technology to reduce air emissions from ships

Digital Transformation in Public Administration in Europe

Young Futures: A Discussion on Change

Regional Development through Smart Specialisation - the Case of Border Regions

Flanders in Dialogue - Local elections: the day after

NEMO - New Mobility Design Conference

Digital Solutions in Health and Prevention

Co-creating future housing: Living environments shaped by Cities and Citizens

Smart Tools for Sustainable Tourism

Skills and Research for the Mining of the Future

Multi-partner cooperation formulas and their impact on territorial development

From research to reality: How Europe’s bioeconomy is leading the way to a truly circular economy

Blue growth - future perspectives for smart specialisation

Personalised Medicine: boosting health research at regional level

Delivering the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions

The Role of Cities in Building Effective Co-Operation Platforms and Urban Ecosystems

Boosting the uptake of digital technologies by European SMEs

Empowerment of Women in Science and Business – Good Practice Examples from the Four Motors for Europe

Bottom-up, demand driven co-creation for sustainable territorial development

Fostering the integration of the TEN-T in urban areas

FIER - Fast Track Integration in European Regions

Addressing the challenges of the 21st century through innovative measures

Post-Brexit – opportunities for cooperation between universities and regions

Horizon Scan Workshop: Equipping Europe for Bio-based Innovation

Horizon Scan Workshop: Equipping Europe for Bio-based Innovation

Horizon Scan Workshop: Equipping Europe for Bio-based Innovation

EU-Latin America cities and regions' partnerships to implement the 2030 Agenda

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting: Dialogue with the European Institutions

Bioeconomy WG Meeting - New bio-based products

Blue Growth WG Meeting - Blue Cloud Pilot

Six City Strategy (6Aika): Recipes for Happy Citizens and Thriving Business

Cities as Platforms: Joint Value Creation in Post-2020 EU

Blockchain Technologies and Regional Drone Experiments for Industry 4.0

Networking cocktail FOODINOVA: a national initiative to strengthen the Swedish innovation eco-system for food and territorial development

Cohesion and societal challenges: Success stories for a more effective policy

The Role of Regions in the Transition towards a Circular Economy

Experience economy: a personalised and sustainable approach towards cultural heritage

Design & Creativity WG Meeting on Design Day Planning

The Road from War to Peace, More Democracy and European Integration. War Architecture, Sites and Memories as Part of European Heritage and History

Policy Working Group meeting

WIRE 2018 - Week of Innovative Regions in Europe

Workshop: "The cultural heritage of war in contemporary Europe: EU programmes and European cooperation"

Sustainable finance: is green the new gold?

The Austrian presidency and the EU-funding programmes: Horizon Europe and COSME

Conference on Ocean Microplastics Issue & the bio-based plastics solution

Co-creating Smart Nature-based Liveable Spaces – Necessary Solutions for Real-life Challenges

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting

Finance Day: Financing future-proof low impact bioenergy chains

ERRIN Annual General Meeting

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting

Transport Working Group - The Third "Europe on the Move" Package /Future H2020 Calls

Enhancing Innovation in Rural Areas - The experience from Scotland

A Sporting Legacy – contributing to Europe’s competitiveness in a global marketplace

Thematic Seminar: Nurturing Nature for Sustainable Cities and Regions

Energy WG Meeting on Energy Efficiency in Industries and SMEs

Clean energy: inspiring cases from energy saving to the use of hydrogen

TOGETHER Interreg Workshop: Leveraging Behavioural Change for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

Energy Storage Vision 2025. Can Europe beat Elon Musk?

Seminar: Challenges for EU-CELAC cooperation in sustainable urbanization: how better restore and rehabilitate urban ecosystems

Seminar: Multi-actor participatory water management for climate change adaptation at farm level

Europe and international migration: research and policy agendas

Smart grids, renewables and storage - leading the transition towards a new European energy system

Transforming Consumer and Health-Oriented Society through Science & Innovation

The Regional and Local dimension under the Cultural Heritage

Tourism WG Meeting: Innovative business models for smart destinations

Revising the Clean Vehicles Directive - How to promote clean mobility solutions in public procurement at the local and regional level

Tackling Climate Change: Co-creating Personal Carbon Trading Scheme

Green City Life. Environmental Communication for Citizen Engagement

Food in Regions – one health, from regionality to functionality

Green Week - Innovations in Urban Agriculture

Handling of textiles in the circular economy - Lunch briefing

Science Café with Michal Hejcman

Design & Creativity Working Group

Watify Matchmaking Event on Metal 3D Printing

Policy Group and thematic WG leaders coordination meeting

Healthcare seeking and provision in Europe’s superdiverse neighbourhoods

Health WG Meeting: Migration and health care

Round table discussion: Social consequences of population displacement in Ukraine

Bridging the EU innovation divide

Breakfast Discussion with the JRC on Innovation Camps

Environmental Goods & Services: Co-managing energy & water assets

Circular Economy Conference

Shaping the Digital Single Market: smart solutions from Europe's regions

I&I WG: Investment Platforms

European Roots and Shoots – Art Moves Cities Conference

Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit - Workshop in Barcelona

From local transport to macro-regional mobility. The development model of FNM and Regione Lombardia compared to Europe

Bioeconomy WG: Food

iEER Conference - Boosting innovative Entrepreneurship ecosystem in regions for growth and job creation

Water Technology & Circular Economy

Launch Event of Coventry University Brussels Office

Brexit: Towards a Changing Relationship between European and British Universities?

Transport & Logistics Conference 2018

Innovation Opportunities in the Bioeconomy of the North of England

Networking event on Personalised Medicine research

Fostering new synergies and partnerships on sustainable urbanisation

Research in cooperation- Looking for new partnerships

Blue Growth WG: Blue Project Development

Wales Cybersecurity Event

Design-Driven Innovation: EU, Regional And Local Support For Creative Industries

Regional examples of successful use of financial instruments

The Rise of City Networks and Megaregions

Study Visit Energy Transition in Arnhem Nijmegen City Region and the Cleantech Region

Design for Entreprises short course on design-driven innovation

Transport WG: Alternative fuel solutions

Digital Innovation hubs - from concept to deployment

Science Café with František Štěpánek

Improving entrepreneurship through social economy and smart specialisation

Foster resilience of the tourism industry through innovative value chain

Co-Creating the Green City - Successful examples of citizens’ participation from the City of Lahti, Finland

Smart Specialisation WG Meeting

Design & Creativity WG: Work session for event in March!

Cohesion Policy post-2020 Conference

Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies

Working Group Leaders Meeting

EU Funding for Defence and Security

University of Edinburgh Forum in Brussels: The Future of Work

Shaping the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: from Horizon 2020 to FP9

ERRIN Annual General Meeting

Horizon 2020 - SC2: Exploring the new funding opportunities from the 2018-2020 work programme

Breakfast Discussion with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on “Innovation Camps” and “Science meets Parliaments”

Smart Specialisation WG meeting

Design & Creativity WG: Focus on 2018

Bioeconomy WG - Looking towards 2018

COFFERS meets FairTax: Joint Perspectives on Fair and Sustainable Taxation

Cross Innovation as an impetus for economic development - The digital approach of Saxony-Anhalt

Science Café with Thomas Jung

Ground Breaking Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture: Digitalization of Crop Biodiversity

Lunch event: Transition towards Circular Economy in Cities

DESIGN & CREATIVITY WG: MEDIA support & the Audiovisual sector

Seminar on forest-based economy - benefits for climate, jobs and growth

Day of National Research Infrastructures

Shaping the social impact of European research: policies, strategies, funding

WORTH Session - A European Project to Support Designers

KIKK festival - international festival of digital and creative cultures

Switch - an international exploration of light, transforming life

Science Café with Cyril Höschl

The Future of Urban Resilience – Synergy Potentials Between the City Resilience Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals

Coastal Tourism Network Kick-off

Transferring knowledge to deliver results in regional innovation systems

Industry 4.0 in the Aviation Sector

Roundtable - Gender Health: a contribution to an open and innovative society

Digitalisation - Benefits for European Citizens

City - University Partnerships - Boosting Smart and Innovative Cities

Sustainable transport in cross-border cooperation

Horizon 2020 REFURB Project Conference

High-level Debate: Transforming Healthcare in Europe

Large-scale transport infrastructure : The case of Fehmarn Belt

Transport WG - Upcoming H2020 Calls

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Economic Growth: MIT REAP

Workshop: Design and get involved in the next H2020 bioenergy proposals

Scotland’s Cultural Heritage – conserving, managing & educating through digital innovation Historic Environment Scotland

Breakfast session Europe on the Move: the mobility package

Tourism Working Group meeting

Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva), Av. de Cortenbergh 71, Brussels

ERRIN Annual General Meeting

How do regions deal with energy storage? Successes from the field

Health Working Group Meeting

Advanced manufacturing and Renewable Energy: Networking session

Promoting European Sustainable Tourism for All

35th Anniversary of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE)

Bioecnomy Working Group Meeting

Bioeconomy working group meeting

Smart Specialisation Working Group

Towards a Zero Carbon Economy Beyond 2030 | Sustainable Urban Centres

Tourism WG meeting: High-level discussion about institutional priorities

Watify matchmaking event on Photonics

Workshop on Smart Textiles / Smart Wearables

Smart Cities and the SET Plan

Nanotechnology Round Table

Launch conference of the LIFE integrated project PREPAIR

Health System for the Future: Making EU health systems resilient and innovative

International Conference Towards Entrepreneurial Skillship: the role of higher education and business cooperation in a global era

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting

Making Urban Transitions Happen: Lessons from Eight Cities

3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference

Green is the new smart. Green jobs boosting regional economy

Current Policy Issues in Maritime and Port Safety and Security

Energy Working Group Meeting

Sunfrail Project on prevention and care of Frailty and chronic conditions

Horizon 2020 Circular Economy Brokerage Event

Water WG Meeting on Climate Adaptation

International Cooperation on Research and Innovation

ICT as an enabler for Smart Cities

Closing the loop: Biogas as a driver of sustainable regions and cities

Breakfast Seminar on the Priorities of the Estonian EU Presidency

Taking stock of our waters and its future: discussing the Water Framework Directive in prelude to its 2019 review

H2020 Societal Challenge 6 between 2018-2020 and beyond

International B2B Event for Subsurface Industries

Launch of the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna

Digitising European Industry: opportunities for growth via automation, robotics and digitalisation

How do regions deal with energy storage? Successes from the field

Design & Creativity Working Group Meeting

Social Inclusion and Volunteering in Sport Clubs in Europe

6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum: Evaluating Innovation in Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Innovation & Investment Working Group Meeting

Social sustainable development - from policy to practice

EU Clean Energy Package – Successful grid integration of renewable energies in pioneer regions such as Saxony-Anhalt

Science Café with Jan Konvalinka

Project Factory Smart Manufacturing

Pathway to Global Policy, Industry and Societal Impact on Resource Efficiency and Sustainability


Being a launching customer – regional sustainable energy from the Arnhem Nijmegen Region

No Energy Transition without the Social Sciences and Humanities: Why a PERSONal approach is needed

ENERGY in HORIZON 2020: remaining opportunities for 2017 and introduction to the 2018-2020 Work Programme

EUSEW 2017 - Energy systems for smart mobility

Role of follower cities in replication: expanding Smart Cities around Europe

ERRIN Annual General Meeting

How do regions deal with energy storage? Successes from the field

HEALTH SYSTEMS FOR THE FUTURE: Making EU health systems resilient and innovative

Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations

2017-2 CEF Telecom calls Virtual Info Day

Big Data: Risks and Scientific Opportunities

Cooperative ITS and cities conference

Watify matchmaking event on Internet of Things

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat Mapping and Documenting Migratory Journeys and Experiences

H2020 Societal Challenge 6 between 2018-2020 and beyond

Opening Energy Horizons: Getting ready for success in the new Horizon 2020 Work Programmes (2018 – 2020)

Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector – building successful consortia for Horizon 2020